Do you have good or bad oral health?

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 Poor oral health is and epidemic shared globally. With the decline in the use of Fluoride both as a toothpaste and municipal water supplement, dentists are now seeing a rapid increase in the number and severity of dental cavities in adults and children.

Cavities are preventable and fluoride is the best way to keep our teeth healthy and strong.

Neither my brother or I have ever had a cavity. My Grandmother worked in a dental office when I was a child and insisted my mother give us  fluoride drops as infants and toddlers and it worked. We grew up in a city that to this day refuses to fluoridate their water. The friends I grew up with have several fillings and in some cases are now having root canals and crowns.

I have seen the benefits of fluoride first hand and am very concerned about its decline in use. Once demineralization begins, it is very difficult to reverse.  The key is to keep our teeth as strong as possible from the beginning. Good oral habits and a diet low in all sugars and starches is also very helpful. ‎ Believe it or not brushing before breakfast in the morning is actually more helpful than brushing after.  Always rinse with water after brushing if swallowing the toothpaste residue is a concern.

The rules for young children are different. Children tend to swallow when brushing. Children 4 and under should use a fluoride free toothpaste. As parents, we should be brushing our children's teeth until they are 8. This will ensure that they rinse thoroughly after brushing. 

Our hope is that children in the city are drinking tap water which should have a 1 ppm fluoride level. If you are filtering your water check with the manufacturer to see if the fluoride is getting filtered out. If you are in the country and using a well, it can have fluoride naturally. I live in the country and our fluoride level is so high, we filter it out.

At Museum Dental we strive to provide our patients with the most up to date information regarding fluoride and it's benefits. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns. 

Check out this website for more information. 

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