Pictures of the office, donation to Philippines disaster.

Dear Patients and friends,

Picture of the Museum Dental before and after.

Over the last year we have received many comments on our Toronto “ Before and After pictures."For those of you that have not noticed these pictures, they were put on display by a Toronto photographer Alden Cudanin. Please follow this link to view the all the pictures in our office. 

Alden is from the Philippines and he has family and friends there. In the wake of the Super Typhoon in the Philippines, everyone is suffering and it is a disaster not only for his loved ones but everyone. Alden has decided he needs to help in some form. Alden and his family here have been doing a little fund raising. He has put together a “Then and Now” Mash-up Photo book of his earlier work and is now selling it to raise money for the folks in the Philippines. All proceeds are going to help out where it is needed

Here's a link to more information about the book sale:

As well as all the proceeds from the photo book, all proceeds from the sales of Alden’s photographs (from now to December 9) that are up at Museum Dental will also go to helping with the relief efforts.

So with that in mind, we are asking all our patients, friends, and loved ones if you could help spread the word. Forward this info to whom ever, post it on facebook, tweet about etc. Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Alden Cudanin at You can also contact Maria at the Museum Dental

Thank you for helping with a great cause.

Museum Dental

Michael Bulger