Insurance Tips - Dental Implant Coverage

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We have another post for you this week, Maria explains how you actually might have dental implant coverage under your insurance and not even know it!  

 How many of you have decided to change your dental treatment based on your dental coverage. For example; you need an implant but you have no coverage so you go with option B and get a bridge instead because you have some coverage for the bridge.

Although many policies state that there is no implant coverage, be aware that in some cases there actually is coverage. If you inquire with your insurance company, many policies have what is referred to in the industry as “Alternative Benefit Coverage.” What this means is that if the dental treatment of choice is not covered (e.g. implant), then the insurance company is responsible to pay out the claim at the equivalent cost of an eligible alternative treatment (e.g. bridge).

You the patient have the right to choose your dental treatment without being dictated by your dental coverage. Also keep in mind that you have the right to appeal any rejected major claims. This is an area that is very complex for most patients, for more information please contact our office.

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