Digital X-rays at Museum Dental

Our office has included digital x-rays for over 10 years as part of our patient experience and as a vital diagnostic tool. This technology has many positive effects on our patients:

  • X-ray exposure is reduced by up to 85% compared to traditional film processed techniques.
  • We are able to use computers to capture, store, and transmit dental x-rays in an eco-friendly way without using film and chemicals. Images are available almost instantly on the computer screen.
  • Many diseases and conditions of the oral cavity (regarding teeth, surrounding tissues, and bone) cannot be seen in a visual exam of your mouth. Early detection of dental conditions and problems saves time, money, and unnecessary discomfort. Digital x-rays can also help prevent more serious dental and health problems.

Because the images are stored on the computer, we can print or copy digital x-rays. We can send images to dental specialists when patients are referred to them. We can also electronically send images with treatment estimates to insurance companies to expedite assessment and approval of dental benefits.

Additionally, technical errors often can be corrected to provide an optimal x-ray without having to make another x-ray exposure. New digital x-rays can be compared easily with past x-rays to see “if” and “how” conditions have changed.

As always, precautions are taken to limit your exposure to radiation from x-rays. Modern equipment limits the size of the radiographic beam to approximately the size of the sensor being used and patients wear a leaded apron and thyroid shield as the x-ray is taken.

Museum Dental

Michael Bulger