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Hello Everyone,

Museum Dental is a dental office located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Formerly known as Annex Dental Group from the Medical Arts heritage building, however with the new office comes a new name; Museum Dental. Our team strives to give you the best customer service. We pride ourselves on our service, care and state of the art technology while maintaining a relaxed spa-like experience. Our team strives to educate our patient on various areas of dentistry, such as the correlation between heart disease and oral hygiene as well as awareness on oral cancer. Our office is among  a very few in Toronto that have Identafi; an oral cancer screening device. Bringing awareness to our patients is an important part of our philosophy here at Museum Dental. Aside from our exceptional facilities, we have a very friendly staff who are eager to answer all of your questions and concerns. Throughout our posts within this blog we plan to provide oral health benefits, insurance benefits tips, what's happening in the office and more! The fun thing about this blog is that it will be written from different perspectives, not only from the dentists but the admin team, the hygiene team and the clinical team! This will ensure a wide range of topics instead of just one focus all the time. Although this blog will contain this information, our social media pages are other sources of information which are updated constantly to provide our patients with optimal care and knowledge. Make sure to follow us on TwitterPinterest, Facebook and Google+ to get as much information as possible!

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Museum Dental


Michael Bulger