Maximizing Two Benefit Years For Major Work

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We've got another insurance tip in our blog post this week, enjoy!

As we slowly approach the end of 2013, many of you are wondering how to maximize your dental plan and get the major dental work you require before the end of the year. Here is a tip on doing so and utilizing two calender years for that treatment.

  • Always remember that dental treatment is billed on the date service is completed. Therefore, if you are requiring major dental treatment that would consume your benefit plan (dollar amount) for that current year, you may be able to use your current year (dollar amount) and the upcoming calendar year (dollar amount) for that one sequence of treatment required.

For example:

Someone needing root canal therapy and crown with a dental benefit maximum of $1000.00, you would get your root canal completed in December of the current year and then your crown in January of the following year. This maximizes two different benefit years and the tooth is completely treated. There are many other scenarios.

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Michael Bulger